5 Easy Steps to Make Monday your Best Day!

     Oh Monday’s…. the love, hate relationship almost everyone has with you? When will we start to love you?  Do you ever experience the Monday blue’s when you realize tomorrow is Monday?  You think “ugh, I have to go to work tomorrow” or “this week is going to be so stressful! I have deadlines, meetings and numbers to hit! I don’t want it to be Monday!”  If so you need to continue reading!  I have found myself at times dreading Monday’s because the weekend feels too short and I just want to sleep in and do what I want to do on my own time; is that too much to ask for? 😉 lol Well unless you hit the lottery that is a very unlikely situation, and like most of us we all need to wake up and get to work to earn our paycheck!  When I took sometime to really sit and think about why I dreaded Monday’s I realized it was because I was looking at it with the wrong outlook.   You can look at Monday’s thinking “new week– new stresses, same stuff– work… work… work… ” Or you can look at it with a positive outlook and think  “new week — fresh start, & new goals to accomplish!”  You can quickly see the difference in the two outlooks and you can definitely tell which one will help you have a better Monday & week.  I will be sharing 5 simple tips that have helped me to make my Monday’s feel awesome!


5 easy steps to make your Monday your best day!

  1. It all starts with your Sunday’s! Make the most of your Sunday’s! Take time to go to church, and if you don’t attend a church take time to read the good word and get some great wisdom and knowledge from it! Take time to clear your mind and relax from a long, well spent week.  This is a major necessity to get your mind right for a new week ahead.
  2. Meal prep ahead of time! This will make your Monday’s and your week a lot easier by having some key meals already made. I don’t know about you but food is LIFE for me! lol. If I have a good meal to look forward to it will make any day better!  I can sit at my desk at work  and have something to look forward to like my favorite lunch or favorite snacks for the day, which lifts my spirits when I may want to just be at home relaxing.  Having these meals prepped and ready to go will also allow you to have more time for others things you may need to get done. 
  3. Go to bed EARLY! This one seems like a given but there are many times I stay up late on Sunday nights and I instantly regret it Monday morning.  When I do go to bed early, I wake up refreshed and this is a huge part of making your day the best it can be!  (side note: there is always coffee if you have to stay up late! lol but sleep is preferred in my opinion)
  4. Make some goals for your week! Sunday’s are a great day to take time for yourself and really think about what you want your week to look like. What do you want & need to get accomplished? Write these things down in your notebook or planner. By writing these things down you almost instantly feel productive.  This will give you extra motivation to get these things done and something to look forward to during the week! Personally I love that feeling when I know I am on the right path to crush my goals that I set for the week. unnamed-2
  5. Lastly, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OUTLOOK!  If you feel yourself getting the Monday blue’s take a second to really think about why you are feeling this? If you are unhappy with your job, you have the power to find another job that better suits you.  If you want to work for yourself and dislike going to an office to work for someone else’s dream– make time to work on your own dream and take steps to work on your goals!  In the meantime take control of your outlook, tell yourself “I will have a GREAT  Monday & a GREAT week!” — “I will be GREAT today!” — “I will make everyday COUNT and I will be HAPPY to wake up in the morning!”   There are too many people who are not blessed enough to wake up another day to live on this beautiful earth so always think about that when you want to complain about your Monday.  Everyday you wake up is a day to make a difference, you are here for a reason! 


     Monday’s should be your best day!  If you incorporate these easy steps into your life you will wake up refreshed and ready to start the week! Starting new habits and routines can be difficult but they will be so worth it in the long run!  Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from my readers 🙂 ! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get email notifications when new posts are up! Have a great week and MAKE YOUR MONDAY THE BEST DAY EVER!