Spotlight of the Week- Jocie

   This week’s spotlight goes to my favorite little girl ever; my niece Jocie!  When she told me she wanted to be on my blog my heart nearly melted! Jocie is such a smart young girl and she brings a smile to everyone’s face.  I know her story will make your heart happy because she makes mine happy all the time .  Creatively Linked is all about empowering women & it is so cool & different to be able to interview a young girl instead of a grown woman! Little girls with dreams become women with visions!  We must help and nurture our youth with their dreams and goals because they are our future!IMG_0289

   Jocie loves to play soccer, and she is a star!  She loves being active and being on the soccer field! It is always so fun to go and see her games, she is a little firecracker!  #FutureSoccerStar  #CreativelyLinked Jocie shared that it was not always easy playing and when she first started soccer she did have a fear that if she made a mistake her teammates would be upset with her.  She stated the support she got from her family and friends helped her overcome this fear.  It is so awesome that she had a great support system to help her overcome this fear! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have great people around you that encourage you to do your best!

     Jocie shared she also enjoys reading, acting, writing stories, & doing math.  Jocie is very young but has already accomplished some great things! Last year she made a goal to read a million words by the end of the school year;  she was able to complete that and she made the “millionaires club” at her school!  Another accomplishment she is proud about is being cast as the lead in her school play called “Olivia” Twist. She stated  “I was especially proud of this because they chose to cast a girl for a part that is traditionally a boys role. ” Lastly, but not least Jocie shared she is most proud of being awarded with the kindness award last year for her class. She stated “this was special because this award was given by my peers; kindness is the new cool!”  Jocie is such a sweetheart and always makes sure everyone is treated fairly and kind, everyone can learn from this young girl! I am so proud that she is my niece!  This little one already knows what it is like to make a goal and work hard to attain her goals! I can’t wait to see what her future holds;  all I know is that if she is doing these amazing things already the sky is the limit for when she gets older! 🙂


    Jocie’s goals for her future are to go to a University and study Marine Biology.  She said “I love sharks and science and I want to learn about sharks and ways to help our environment.”  She also said another big goal is to just have a happy life and to be surrounded by family and friends.  What great wisdom from a little girl! To know at such a young age that happiness is key in life is so amazing!  I know Jocie will accomplish any goal she puts her mind to and I can’t wait to celebrate all her successes as she continues to grow!


Jocie’s favorite quote is:

“Whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger.”

-Alex Morgan-
USA Women’s Soccer team player

 Facts about Jocie

  • Jocie wants to be a Marine Biologist and/or a professional soccer player when she grows up.
  • Jocie’s favorite book is Harry Potter.  She said “I loved this series because it made the world of witches, wizards, mystical creatures and magic come to life for me. So much better than the movies!”
  • She looks up to the inspiring and supportive people in her life. Such as, her parents, her aunts & uncles, and her grandparents.
  • I asked Jocie if she didn’t have to sleep what would she do with the extra time? She said “Cuddle with my mom and watch “Sherlock” or watch shark documentaries with my dad; or read!”
  • If Jocie wrote a book her book would be about a unique, weird, bubbly girl who lives by the 3 S’s “School, Soccer, Sharks” and the 3 F’s “family, Friends, and Fun”.  She would be quirky, friendly, smart, strong, and brave. She stated “my book would not be about a Princess being rescued it would be about the Heroine living life to the fullest and helping people.
  • Jocie has memorized and can sing some familiar tunes such as: Shake it off , Happy, Who Says, Trouble, Good Girl, Can’t stop the feeling & Don’t stop believing by Journey.
  • Jocie shared that some small things that make her day better are “getting my goodbye hug and kiss from my parents! & getting a hug from my older brother before he goes to school each day.”   ♥♥♥♥ I must say this is soo cute! AWE!!! ♥♥♥♥

    Jocie’s last words for her interview were “I’m a free and wild spirit. I love the color blue. I love my family! I also like playing football but not as much as I love playing soccer. Fries before guys!! 🙂 lol! I play club soccer. Gryffindor all the way!”  This little girl is so special and has accomplished some great goals already in her life, she is kind, loving, beautiful & funny! Jocie is definitely Creatively Linked!


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