Spotlight of the Week- Courtney


This week’s spotlight goes to Courtney! She is beyond gorgeous, extremely intelligent and is making major moves! I am thrilled to share her interview and story with you all!

    Courtney has her own online boutique business called Rock & Ritzy, ladies you need to check this out! She has the cutest clothIMG_1451es and her website is awesome! Rock & Ritzy is for the Women who are solid as a Rock, but still stylish and Ritzy.”  Courtney explained this motto started off with inspiration from herself since she loves to work out but also loves getting dolled up and looking fabulous. She soon realized that her motto also stands for all the women who are strong, determined & have goals but all the while still looking fly.  This motto is so dope and I think many women can relate & appreciate wanting to be strong and work hard but also want to look fashionable while doing so!  Rock & Ritzy is an online boutique with great clothes available for purchase. Courtney stated she has a vision for her company to become a lifestyle brand where women can go to the website and get inspiration, cute outfits and ideas on whats trending in fashion.  

    I asked Courtney to share some of her fears she had prior to starting the company and she stated she was afraid of failing and also thinking that her company needed to be perfect before launching it. She realized these things were holding her back from reaching her goals and she was able to work through her fears and therefore launched her company in November of 2016.  I know there are many people out there who want to start their own business but are scared, & their fears are holding them back; take Courtney’s story as motivation! You don’t have to be perfect!  Creativity is about being comfortable with making mistakes and persevering! If you don’t give up I promise you, you will succeed! #ChaseAfterYourDreams

12928362_10209499951043657_8875478700784259639_nCourtney loves to workout she says it is a form of therapy for her & it helps relieve her stress.  As you all can see this girl is FIT and looks amazing! It was so awesome to hear how much she loved to work out and take care of her health; I could totally tell it inspires her!  Courtney also is a model and she loves to be in front of the camera, but some may not know that she loves to be behind the camera as well!  She actually helped with her talented husband Dorrell take photos and video for my wedding and they were an amazing team! I must say the photos and video footage were to die for ❤ ! Courtney also loves to plan and put together photo-shoots, she has an eye & vision for this.  She loves bringing the fashion, models, props & location all together to create a masterpiece!  This girl is a triple threat and so talented! #CreativelyLinked #BossBabe #GirlBoss

    Courtney’s favorite accomplishment is becoming a Respiratory Therapist.  She set a goal and was determined to get her degree and once she completed this she obtained the position.  She then set a goal that she would work in this position for 5 years and would want to move up the ladder in the clinical setting.  She was able to create a way to advance into her current position as a Clinical Informatics Analyst! Courtney stated “I am pretty confident that whatever goal I set,  I will demolish it!” She is so smart and determined, Courtney is such an inspiring young lady!  IMG_3403

    Courtney’s current goals are to be able to reach the youth; more specifically young girls. She stated “most girls are on the right path but just need some guidance, the youth are our future!” Courtney would love to create a mentor-ship program for young girls & she wants to be active in the community & give back to the community as well.  Courtney would also like to be able to walk away from her current job knowing her personal business will be thriving; and to have a headquarters space for Rock & Ritzy. Courtney is planning and working on adding a blog portion to her website and she also has launched an internship program with Rock & Ritzy! It doesn’t end here Courtney is also working on becoming a certified personal trainer! This girl does everything! If you need any work out tips make sure to contact her, I know I will! 🙂

    I asked Courtney if she could go back in time and speak to her younger self what would she say? She replied with “listen to your Mom!” lol She stated “when you get older you realize your parents were always right.”  Courtney also stated her mom always told her she could be whatever she wanted to be and she really took this to heart and states “it is so true! If you apply yourself  you can accomplish anything!”


Courtney’s favorite quote is:

Be who YOU are and say what YOU feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those matter don’t mind.

– Dr. Suess

Courtney’s mission statement is:

“It’s not faith if you don’t take a risk”

-Bishop S.Y Younger

If Courtney’s music playlist was heard by a stranger they would describe her as an old soul. She states she loves Teena Marie and Sade & gospel music but some times she might have some rap like Migos playing.

    I asked Courtney if she didn’t have to sleep, what would she do with the extra time? She stated she would plan her social media content; definitely read & research. ” I am some what of a nerd, I like analytics and I could sit on my website and look at the background info.” She also said she would for sure eat some yummy Mexican food which is her favorite. 

    If Courtney were to write a book she said it would be a life balance book!  It would explain what she struggles with and how to balance her professional life and her entrepreneur ventures.

     Courtney’s last words for her interview were “If you have a dream go for it, don’t let anyone get in your way or tell you, you cant do it! If you believe you can do it, you can! Believe in your self!”  Courtney is a beautiful woman inside and out with an amazing drive and spirit.  Courtney is definitely CREATIVELY LINKED! Make sure you check out the Rock & Ritzy website and stay tuned for the blog portion coming soon to their website.  Links are listed below!

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Rock & Ritzy

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Facebook- Rock & Ritzy

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