Spotlight of the Week- Monique Ma’gitt

Hello lovely readers,

     Thank you for joining me today as I spotlight this talented and dazzling woman Monique Ma’gitt.  This lady is a force to be reckoned with, she is drop dead gorgeous & she has unbelievable talent.2a52f2_4abb67c9a5094f81bb005a945da35ad9~mv2_d_5616_3744_s_4_2  

      Monique’s creative talent is she LOVES to sing! She stated “singing is what I love to do. I started singing at a very young age and my passion for it grows each day.  When I sing, I feel alive; whether I am in the studio or on stage, I feel as if I am at peace when I am doing what I love.  My passion for singing leads me on this journey to push my music out to the world. Even though I am on this consistent roller coaster, singing is like my baby, I will love and protect it until it blossoms into something I can be proud of.” If you haven’t heard this girl sing you are missing out, she has an amazing voice! One of Monique’s best accomplishments is that she has created and completed her first album called “My Serenity”.  This extended play album has 6 songs and she has released one single called “All of Those Years” which is now on iTunes, Apple Music and other streaming sites.  When I downloaded this song and first heard it I could not get it out of my head, it is such a great song and one you need to add to your playlist! Monique plans to release her second single in the near future which is called “Polish Me” along with the entire EP. Make sure you go and check it out!  Another great accomplishment that Monique is proud of is that she graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Criminal Justice. Way to go girl! #BOSSBABE #GIRLBOSS #TALENT.

    I asked Monique if she had any fears before starting her singing career; she stated yes, she was scared of failing & that she wouldn’t be good enough. She feared that doors  would be closed on her because people didn’t believe in her.  She then stated “I learned that when one door closes, another one opens and no one is going to believe in me as much as I believe in myself. If you have a dream that you want to achieve you need to go for it, no matter who tells you otherwise.”  This is so true and I agree 100% with Monique, you always have to believe in yourself! This goes to everyone reading this, you are powerful, you are strong and you can follow your dreams too! Don’t ever give up on yourself!  IMG_0845

      Monique’s current goals are to become a successful singer/ songwriter/ entertainer and to make music that she is proud of. She wants her music to be on repeat and she wants to show others that they can succeed too even if they have failed.  Something you may not know about Monique is that she is very passionate about helping others with their artistic dreams. She stated “art is a form of passion and greatness. Many people have the ability but are scared because starting out requires you to spend a lot of money and there is a lot of  waiting to get the return on your investment. One day, I would like to invest and help other passionate artists make their dreams a reality.” This is amazing and Creatively Linked can’t wait for this day! Always spread love and positive vibes! 

    I love to ask the women I interview if they could go back in time what would they tell their younger self and Monique replied “I would tell my self the same exact thing I still say everyday. To follow my dreams and do what I love, not what makes me money. I strayed away from my motto for a while, but I always remind myself and return to my first love (music) because it is what makes me happy. ” ♥♥

Monique’s favorite quote is:

“When one door closes, another one opens.”

She stated “I have learned this on my journey and it is the one quote I refer back to every time. It reminds me to keep pushing forward no matter what barriers are thrown at me.”

When I asked Monique what her mission statement is she replied with:

 “For my music and artistry to shine through as a reflection of who I am and to wake up everyday knowing my life will be a journey; that no day would be the same. To live every day like it is the first and last day of life.”

      If Monique’s favorite playlist on spotify/apple music was heard by a stranger they would describe her as a “very relaxed, sensitive woman who loves to have a good time and who has no idea what type of music she likes (LOL). ” Monique stated she listen’s to all types of music and the main thing she loves to do while listening to music is to hear the words and try to understand what the artist is saying or feeling at the time of creation.

    Monique is definitely Creatively Linked and I hope I was able to shine a light on this beautiful, caring and talented young lady! Thanks for reading!

    Monique Ma’gitt will be having her listening and release party’s this summer! You can find more details by visiting her website below.  Go and subscribe so you can get the latest details on Monique Ma’gitt and text her at (323) 892-8714 to see what she is up to in real time!





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