Spotlight of the Week- Vernisha

Happy Sunday lovely readers, 

I would like to welcome this week’s spotlight Vernisha to the Creatively Linked family! Who would have thought I would meet such a beautiful and talented young lady by chance at a good friends wedding last year? Vernisha and I instantly clicked and I will always remember what a loving and genuine soul she had.


Vernisha’s creative talent is that she is an author/writer. When I asked what she writes about she reponded with “I write in ways to motivate and inspire others through sharing my life; and how I overcame with motivational passages, poems and quotes of my own.” Vernisha released her very own book in March titled The Significance of a Heart.  It is a book of affirmations and reminders to love yourself, love what you do, & love others.  When I heard she had released a book I was beyond excited & happy for her! This is a huge accomplishment and her book is one you must add to your collection!  Writing and publishing this book has been one of her top accomplishments along with being the first child in her immediate family to graduate college back in 2012. She stated “I am a Western Kentucky Alumni! (Go Tops!)”  Vernisha is totally a #GIRLBOSS & #BOSSBABE!   FullSizeRender copy 3

Vernisha had fears just like all of us and she stated her biggest fear(s) before sharing her work was that she would share it and not reach the people that it should, or people would not enjoy her work.  Also the fact that she writes from her own experiences, she had to become vulnerable and share her truths and become very transparent – and she was afraid people would judge her and look at her differently.  I think all writers/authors/poets and really anyone sharing their work can totally relate to these fears; they are taking a huge leap of faith and hoping people will enjoy their work. I just want to say from everyone at Creatively Linked we are so glad Vernisha conquered her fears and published her work; because otherwise we wouldn’t have the amazing product and the world would be missing something very special. I asked her what other passions does she have and she replied “my other passion is healthcare. So far off from writing, I know, but I have always said that I wanted to become a Nurse or Doctor. I always tell myself and others that it is never too late to go after everything you want in life. No matter how impossible it may seem. If God sees fit, maybe down the line of life I may go back to school and become a nurse. Who knows what GOD has for me.” 

When I asked Vernisha if she could go back in time and speak to herself as a child, the advice she would give to her younger self was: Follow your own heart and love yourself for exactly who you are AND never apologize for being you.”   
Vernisha’s current goals are to become a motivational speaker / Life Coach in a way that she can inspire and have a great impact on the lives of those who need it, & she would like to publish a second book. Vernisha anything you put your mind to you can accomplish, I look forward to reading many more books you publish along with attending your motivational speaker conferences in the future! 

Vernisha’s favorite quote is actually one of her own:

“When you find out who you are and begin to embrace that, you’re halfway there.”

Vernisha’s mission statement in life is:

I can do ALL things through HIM who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

If Vernisha’s favorite playlist on Spotify or apple music was heard by a stranger they would describe her as someone who loves LOVE and very in tune with her emotions; she loves a good RnB love song! 

Vernisha is a gem and is a woman who deserves to be talked about, I am so glad I was able to get to know her better and share her story with all of you. Vernisha is definelty Creatively Linked!

If you would like to purchase a copy of her book you can find it at:  

The Significance of a Heart Amazon. 

-Instagram: @vernishalynnette


-Facebook: Nisha Lynnette

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“We are linked together forever because we are women. We must stand tall, never fall, we must be synced for we are Creatively Linked.”